My name is Christina. I am an English major with a Rhetoric and Composition concentration. I am currently a junior on track to graduate in Spring 2019. Outside of school, I work as a waitress at a Japanese hibachi-sushi restaurant and tutor some kids in my neighborhood. I also volunteer quite often at my church. As of now, my understanding of “visual rhetoric” is a means of conveying a message through visual means such as images. I’m interested to see whether or not my understanding of visual rhetoric will change and by how much.

Above is an image of music. Growing up, music has played a large part of my life. My dad is a musician, and my mom used to be a piano teacher. My siblings and I spent most of our childhoods surrounded by our father’s work, and we grew up playing various instruments and exploring our own musicality. I can’t find the time to play now that I’m in college, but I often look back and miss playing.